Key 1298
Name Silver 
CAS-No. 7440-22-4 
EC-No. 231-131-3 
Molecule formula Ag 
Molecule weight 107.87 
Product Type Laboratoriekemikalier. Kemikalier
GHS pictogram(s)
H/P-source PTI 
Threshold limit value Sølv, pulver, støv og opløselige forbindelser, beregnet som Ag: 0,01 mg/m3 (E) 
  E: Betyder at stoffet har en EF-grænseværdi
Threshold limit value source  
Long-term effects  
Flash point  
Vapor Density (Air=1)  
Explosion limits LEL (vol%)  
Explosion limits UEL (vol%)  
Explosion limit LEL (mg/l)  
Explosion limit UEL (mg/l)  
Termic ignition temperature °C  
Temperature class  
Explosion group  
Waste fraction  
Fortum Waste fraction  
UN Number  
ADR/RID class
Special information
Literature references SAL1602D; SAX; MI8328; Merck 14,8504; 
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